Meet Iain Allan

Iain Allan is one of the nicest people I have met in the whisky industry. A regular at whisky shows and pops up on on-line tastings as well. Many consumers, like myself have parted with hard earned cash after listening to Iain chat about the latest drams from Glen Moray, so watch out!!

So, pour a dram (preferably a Glen Moray) and read about what.3.whiskies have defined Iain’s journey in the industry. (Star Wars costume not required for reading).

Iain, how are you involved with the whisky industry? How long? I am the Global Brand Ambassador and Visitor Centre Manager for Glen Moray Distillery.  I have been involved directly in the whisky industry for 21yrs but was manager of a wines and spirits store for a few years prior…..I’m never sure whether that counts, I think it does so let’s say 24yrs.

So tell me, what’s your first whisky, and why you have chosen it: My first whisky will be Highland Park 18yr.  When I first joined the whisky industry my first few days was spent at Highland Park for my training/induction.  It was my first “peak behind the curtain” of the industry and realisation how much learning was in front of me.  Daunting as it was, those delicious drams of 18yr helped soothe my anxiety and as such will always be a dram I have fond memories of and will look to pour whenever I can.

And your second whisky? Why is it special?:  Whisky has always been around and I can remember quite clearly my “lightbulb” dram which was a Balvenie Doublewood but I’ve decided to choose something different for my 2nd dram and that is the Glen Deveron 10yr.  This is actually my dad’s favourite dram and it is a staple purchase every Christmas for him.  The reason I choose this one as it was my dad’s influence and love of whisky that led me to want to be a part of this fantastic industry.

And lastly your third whisky, and why you have chosen it:  This one is more of a moving target and not intended as marketing spiel…..honest!  But it is the next new Glen Moray release (right now that is the new Elgin Edition).  The reason for this is that I get so close to whatever whisky that may be and as such get so excited to pour it for people at whisky festivals, at the distillery etc and to see their reaction.  A lot of work goes into getting a whisky from cask selection to the shelf and there is always a genuine sense of excitement to see that bottling finally released into the wide world and for it to be enjoyed, as it was intended when it was laid down however many years ago.

If you want to know more about Iain and/or Glen Moray, details are below.

Social media handles: @GlenMorayIain (twitter) @glenmorayiain (Instagram) iain-allan-7407836b (LinkedIn)

Company website:

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