What.3.Whiskies is a new page on my site which will focus on meeting people involved with whisky, and talking to them about their whisky journey. You will meet people involved directly in the industry within the production and selling side. You will hear from people like me, who skirt around the edges and write about the drams we drink, and everything in between. The format will be the same for each article; who they are, how they are involved with whisky and then the good stuff…what three whiskies mark their story and why.

(Small print: just to make it very clear, I make no financial gain from any of the folk or companies featured on this page. If you copy and paste a link or visit a website after reading about someone here, I receive nothing. If I ever do receive anything I will notify it on the article.)

Meet Sophie Pashley

I first met Sophie, virtually, via The Whisky Circus a couple years ago. She is a rising star in the English whisky industry, working as a brewer and distiller for Cooper King Distillery in York. A wealth of knowledge, great palate and pure joy to be around. My memories of Sophie during the UK lockdown…

Meet John Robertson

So, you will notice I don’t have a picture of John, but I think his work will give you a good idea of what he’s about. I first started “chatting” with John over on Instagram. I actually entered a competition and won some art from his studio. Studio? Not distillery? Yep, as I said this…

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