Welcome to my whisky site! You will find my main blog, which is “Long Reads”, where I get down with something more than surface whisky chat. Next, you can visit “what3whiskies” where you can meet people involved in whisky, from distillers to artists, to us, the consumer.

I am also a freelance Brand Ambassador, so if you are looking for someone to do a tasting or you need extra support for your brand, check the “services/contact page”. Not just for brands though, happy to chat about private events and more!

But lastly, thanks for popping by! Slainte!!

Latest from the Blog

Meet Colin Hampden-White

“I believe it is the best all round whisky in the world.” – Colin Hampden-White

Meet Sophie Pashley

I first met Sophie, virtually, via The Whisky Circus a couple years ago. She is a rising star in the English whisky industry, working as a brewer and distiller for Cooper King Distillery in York. A wealth of knowledge, great palate and pure joy to be around. My memories of Sophie during the UK lockdown…

Meet John Robertson

So, you will notice I don’t have a picture of John, but I think his work will give you a good idea of what he’s about. I first started “chatting” with John over on Instagram. I actually entered a competition and won some art from his studio. Studio? Not distillery? Yep, as I said this…

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