Whisky Services / Contact details

I am currently available to offer Brand Ambassador work for whisky companies. I am experienced in the following:

Large whisky events: I love working whisky shows and introducing people to new drams. I especially enjoy chatting to people who may not like whisky and opening their eyes, noses and palates to the amber nectar!

Whisky classes: Running classes and tastings is something I enjoy a lot. Connecting people with a brand, teaching people how to nose, taste. I am very keen on helping people build their confidence with whisky. Myth busting is part of my way of teaching!

Personal whisky shopper: Not sure what to buy for someone as a gift? Just starting your whisky journey but not sure where to start? Contact me.

Other options: basically, if it’s to do with whisky, talk to me. In-store/barrel top tastings, private events/tasting, writing! If you need whisky content, ping me.

I also have a lot of H&S knowledge and project management experience from previous roles. I am a natural communicator and organiser, the management to your crisis.

(small caveat: I need to like your brand/whisky to work with you. So please don’t contact me if you want me for gin/rum/brandy… its just not my thing)

You can contact me here:

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