Meet John Robertson

So, you will notice I don’t have a picture of John, but I think his work will give you a good idea of what he’s about. I first started “chatting” with John over on Instagram. I actually entered a competition and won some art from his studio. Studio? Not distillery? Yep, as I said this page would be about people with many different connections to whisky. John is the founder of “Whisky Studio”, a consultancy and creative agency working with Scotch whisky, but he’ll tell you that below!

So lets meet John and find out what.3.whiskies have defined John’s whisky wanderings.

John, how are you involved with the whisky industry? I founded Whisky Studio in 2018, a creative consultancy and design studio for the Scotch whisky industry and its consumers. Our studio ambition is to help brands and consumers engage with whisky in creative new ways, working with inspired minds to bring whisky to life in design, form and function across creative strategy, marketing & brand, visual identity and graphic design services. I am also a contemporary whisky artist with my own range of artwork, prints and ‘WhiskyLabel’ clothing line.

So come on, name your first whisky, and why you have chosen it:

Douglas of Drumlanrig, Laphroaig 10 Year Old

The Palate Opener: the first independent bottling I ever experienced. A gift from my now wife relatively early in my whisky journey, it opened my palate to the world of cask strength whisky and how aromas, flavours, mouthfeel – the whole senosory experience – could make you feel and change the way one enjoys a dram they previously thought they were familiar with. I finished the first bottle quite quickly, but found another hidden away online; it’s kept under lock and key only to be opened when the moment calls…

And your second whisky, why you have chosen it?:

The Macallan Concept No. 3, David Carson

The Eye Opener: I worked with The Macallan around the time that the Concept No. 3 collaboration with David Carson was released. I was lucky to peak behind the creative curtain and see what went into a whisky / creative partnership. David’s approach, his visual storytelling ability and unique aesthetic opened my eyes to what design could be, way beyond what was conventional; it almost implanted a ‘licence’ in my own creative journey to be bold, different and try to take clients and consumers on a journey with their eyes before their noses or palates. His work, and this whisky in particular, influenced many of my own design principles. If I’m ever feeling sheepish about pushing creative boundaries, I pick this bottle up from my desk and remind myself what’s possible. The whisky’s pretty good, too, reflecting Carson’s coastal aesthetic and design contributions.

And lastly, your third whisky, and why you have chosen it:

Whisky Studio ‘Abstract Sensory Journey’, The Single Cask Family Series

The Mind Opener: I thought long and hard about including one of ‘my’ whiskies on this list, so ended up including four… This collaboration with independent bottler The Single Cask represents a culmination of the above choices. It’s always been a dream to have my work on the front of a bottle of whisky, and I’m lucky to see that become a reality through Whisky Studio. TSC were one of the first to see potential in my creative style, so we worked together to create a series of 4 bottlings (two Benrinnes, one Mannochmore, one Teaninich) called the ‘Abstract Sensory Journey’. Each label captures an element of the whisky sensory journey – sound, sight, aroma, flavour – and even a couple of TSC’s ‘cubist’ bottles. Like a lot of my work the designs are contemporary and abstract in style, inspired by two of the greats Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. The images are set on the Whisky Studio signature pink background and even have our logo on the bottom. It was a special moment to see these in the flesh and hopefully help open people’s minds as to the qualities of whisky appreciation as they pick up the bottles and enjoy the glorious liquid inside.

If you want to know more about John and Whisky Studio, details are below.

Social media handles: (IG)

Company website :

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