Meet Richard Foster

Richard is one of the busiest, most passionate whisky people I know. He is the founder of the Croydon Whisky Festival and English Whisky Festival and runs tastings locally in South London. So in a timely post (me? plan something? Don’t know what you mean…), please take five mins to meet Richard. Rich, tell myContinue reading “Meet Richard Foster”

Meet Dawn Davies…..

Well, this is a treat. This week #what3whiskies brings to you Dawn Davies. The fact I even managed to get Dawn to take five minutes to be involved is going on my list of lifetime achievements!! For those who don’t know Dawn, she can be found working for The Whisky Exchange as head buyer, butContinue reading “Meet Dawn Davies…..”

Meet Barry Chignell….

Barry is better known in the social media sphere as one half of “The Whiskey Chaps”. Over the last couple of years, he and his partner in crime, Mick, have created a great website full of whisky reviews and resources including maps of whisky shops and distilleries. They also have online tastings on twitter whereContinue reading “Meet Barry Chignell….”

Meet Tony “Pancakes”…

Ok, so it’s not really Tony “Pancakes”, but that’s how we know him on the “socials”. Anthony Dillon, will tell you below how he is involved in the industry (apart from asking for music recommendations for mashing time). I decided to publish Tony this week as I was in Birmingham yesterday for *Whisky Birmingham*, soContinue reading “Meet Tony “Pancakes”…”

Meet Bill Linnane…

Well, this should be a fun one. Bill describes himself as “Ireland’s Worst Journalist”, but I will leave that to you to decide for yourself. However my experience of Bill (limited to social media at this stage), is someone who engages with his fans*, enjoys a dram and has a wonderfully dry sense of humour.Continue reading “Meet Bill Linnane…”

Meet Libby Barmby…

I have met Libby a number of times over the last year at various whisky shows. Firstly with the Spirit of Yorkshire team, and now with The Glasgow Distillery. Generally I would hear her first, with laughter and banter coming from whichever stand she is working on. A joy to be around, and her personalityContinue reading “Meet Libby Barmby…”

Meet George Keeble…

George was one of my first main contacts in my whisky journey. He was working at the Soho Whisky Club in London, and helped get me started on my whisky story, pretty sure he poured me a Linkwood. That was a long time ago. Since then George has travelled and worked in Australia with StarwardContinue reading “Meet George Keeble…”

Meet Sophie Pashley

I first met Sophie, virtually, via The Whisky Circus a couple years ago. She is a rising star in the English whisky industry, working as a brewer and distiller for Cooper King Distillery in York. A wealth of knowledge, great palate and pure joy to be around. My memories of Sophie during the UK lockdownContinue reading “Meet Sophie Pashley”

My Last Sunset……

Sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it? Maybe it comes across as a bit whimsical, or maybe it sounds like I’m not feeling great and could be contemplating seeing my last sunset. Thankfully, it’s not that bad but given the year I and many have had it would be understandable. The last sunset I saw wasContinue reading “My Last Sunset……”