Just keep walking….

…says Johnnie Walker. And they/he are right. In a world that is just hard work right now, we can only just keep walking. Don’t worry, its not going to be a heavy blog. In fact, I am going to indulge in a little bit of reminiscing over a trip I had to Edinburgh a coupleContinue reading “Just keep walking….”

Peat VS Peat…

The reason my site is called “Can’t see the wood for the whisky” is because I wanted a space that incorporates my interest in horticulture (see nature, climate, sustainability…) and my love of whisky. I came into both around the same time, about 8 years ago. Horticulture became my day job and whisky, my drinkContinue reading “Peat VS Peat…”

My Last Sunset……

Sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it? Maybe it comes across as a bit whimsical, or maybe it sounds like I’m not feeling great and could be contemplating seeing my last sunset. Thankfully, it’s not that bad but given the year I and many have had it would be understandable. The last sunset I saw wasContinue reading “My Last Sunset……”

He said, she said……..

Just over a week ago the whisky industry was rocked by the highlighting of language and opinions given in a well known and dare I say, once popular, annual publication. Before I go any further, I will just say that at times during this piece you may think I don’t agree with the general feelingContinue reading “He said, she said……..”

Feeling a little blue….

Welcome to my first blog!! Bit scary to be honest, and as with the horticulture and the whisky scene, it’s a pretty saturated arena. So why bother? Well, I generally have an opinion on most things, and clearly it’s always the right opinion and the world should know this. I’ve been thinking about a bloggingContinue reading “Feeling a little blue….”

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