A #what3whiskies update….

Just a small message to note that I will be taking a small break from #what3whiskies for a couple of months. As some of you may know I am studying for a degree with the Open University and I have a couple of exams coming up, and I will be dedicating more time to ensure I get my pass!!

But fear not!! #What3Whiskies will be making a return mid-end July and I have some great people already lined up to bring you their memories and stories.

And now, it’s your turn; the blog is getting people talking and I have had a few people reach out to me to see if they can take part. So far I have maintained my “rules”; ie I need to know the guests; either I have met them in real life or I interact with them on socials a fair amount regards the golden dram. Secondly, it’s not a sales pitch and I have no affiliate links. Basically I do this because I love whisky and I (mostly) love the people I meet through the industry. That said, if you would like to hear about anyone in particular, maybe a blogger or someone who works with a brand you like, or maybe you have a story you want told via the #what3whiskies format, contact me on the email address below and I’ll see what I can do.

Do not offer to send me samples. Do not think you can sell through me. I won’t publish, simple. But if you wanna share a story, then hit me up.


Published by Claire Vokins

My am involved in whisky and horticulture. I own a small professional garden care company with a focus on working in a sustainable way. Whisky enthusiast. Studying "Politics, Philosophy and Economics" with the Open University. Stoic.

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