Meet Amy Teasdale…..

This week, we get to meet a Brand Ambassador, who doesn’t seem to understand what “stand still” means!! If you follow Amy already on any social media channel, you’ll know she has been bouncing all over the place, chatting about whisky. Another person, who’s smile just brightens any room she’s in. Luckily, she found a few minutes in her hectic schedule to talk to us about what3whiskies have impacted her whisky world so far. So, pour a cuppa, put your feet up and meet Amy….

Amy, hello! Thanks so much for chatting to me. So straight in, can you tell me how are you involved with the whisky industry?
I have been involved with the Spirit of Yorkshire for 4.5 years, and I am loving my role
as brand ambassador. Before getting my job with the distillery I had actually worked
within the drinks industry after leaving college. Mainly behind bars, making cocktails,
and I am also a fully trained barista…drinks and flavour have always been a love of
mine, and so finally working in a whisky distillery is amazing.

When you are presented with a choice of only three whiskies that you want to talk
about, it can be a little hard. There is so much to choose from, and honestly, the
whisky world as a whole, is so varied that if these questions were asked again in a
year, my answers could be different.

Ha! You’re not the first person to say that. But you did it. So, name your first whisky, and why you have chosen it:

Auchentoshen three wood “old style” whisky, 43%ABV. The most delicious of the
Auchentoshen whisky in my opinion. Auchentoshen was my grandfathers favourite distillery
and whisky of choice, and so whenever I get a bottle out of this, I am guaranteed nostalgia.
Sitting down after Sunday roasts with my family, my grandpa sipping away. First whisky I
ever tried was from this distillery, ( Cheers grandad!) and so it will always hold a very special place in my life. Lots of plums and raisins in this, just a fruity syrupy dram.

Your second whisky. More memories?:
Caol ila 18 year old 43%ABV I am a sucker for an Islay whisky, and this is a dram I always
enjoy. Lots of good memories sipping this whisky. Lots of bonfire smoke and sweetness, just
an all around delicious whisky. It is definitely one to share with the people you love the most.

And now, your final choice, and why you have chosen it:
Filey Bay IPA Finish #1 46%ABV – This was my favourite whisky for such a long time,
and the one that really made me realise I was part of something special. The
collaboration between our whisky and our sister company, Wold Top Brewery, gave us
the chance to really showcase the flavours of our whisky, and made for a really
unique experience. Field to bottle IPA whisky, where we matured our beer in our
whisky casks, giving lots of grapefruit hoppiness, combined with the creaminess and
fruitiness of our spirit! Unique and Delicious! Always reminds me of Summer.

If you would like to know more about Spirit of Yorkshire and their whisky, you can find them here:

And, as always, if you would like to know more about Amy you can find her here:


Twitter : @Fileybay_amy

Linked in : Amy Teasdale

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