Meet Barry Chignell….

Barry is better known in the social media sphere as one half of “The Whiskey Chaps”. Over the last couple of years, he and his partner in crime, Mick, have created a great website full of whisky reviews and resources including maps of whisky shops and distilleries. They also have online tastings on twitter where they pour and discuss various drams with the people who make them. Now, you will note that Barry is a man of few words, so do make sure to check out the online persona to get more of his whisk(e)y thoughts; details at end of interview.

How are you involved with the whisky industry? I run a whiskey resource website as well as regular online tastings with @stillsurreal.

And for how long have you been doing this? 3 years roughly

Barry, what is your first whisky?  Islay Mist: it was my gateway whisky. At the age of 40 I still didn’t like whisky, even though it’s tried to ‘get into it’ for many years. For some reason this whisky, given to me during a lock in at the local on Burns Night, finally clicked with my palate. From there I started to try other whisky.

And your second choice? Currach Single Malt Kombu Seaweed: My first official tasting as part of The Whiskey Chaps and the first truly unique whisky I’d experienced. This Whisky was such a revelation in terms of aroma and taste, but also a great way to discover an ability to identify specific elements of a whiskey.

What have you chosen as your last dram? anCnoc 24. My all time top whisky to date. It’s the first whisky that lived up to everything you want from a whisky. Amazingly friendly, moreish and simply superb. It’s the benchmark for all other whiskies in my opinion. It also led me to explore the anCnoc range and discover over if the most underrated distilleries around today.

Well, I said it would be short and sweet. Barry and Mick (the other whiskey chap) will be tasting new indy bottler Fragrant Drops this evening, Sunday 12th March at 8pm on twitter. Fragrant Drops is owned by George Keeble, who has been a previous #What3Whiskies interviewee. George’s partner Rachel, will be joining the Whiskey Chaps for this tasting. So give them a follow tonight and see what it’s all about. (Don’t worry, if you miss it, details will go up on their website).

Social media handles: @whiskeychap @thewhiskeychaps

Company website (if applicable):

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