Meet Emma Ware…

Emma is a member of the Glen Moray Distillery team, and I blooming love her! Why? Well, like me she is an advocate of the “C” word, and is #TeamManzanilla (a Glen Moray Warehouse 1 release), what more to like? Annoyingly she also seems to keep houseplants alive far better than I do. So , please take a couple mins to meet Emma.

Emma, thank you so much for taking time out to be part of What 3 Whiskies. I suspect a lot of drammers on social media know who you are, but for those that don’t, tell us a little about your involvement in the whisky world.

I have been with Glen Moray Distillery for almost 14 years now, here at the Visitor Centre. I also help with national shows and festivals, brand promotion and anything else that comes up. My main job is to make sure that each of our guests; whether they are coming to the site, to a tasting or to a festival stand; has a fantastic Glen Moray experience. It may be their 100th time trying our whisky or their first, but they should leave not wanting it to be their last.

In my time with Glen Moray I have seen the expansion and development of both the distillery itself as well as the range of whiskies we produce. I’ve been lucky enough to help choose new casks and unlucky enough to have to hand bottle and label entire releases, both of which can alter your bias towards a dram!

So what would be your first whisky?

Bowmore 15, an easy first choice as it is one of my favourite drams. Always a comforting and warm whisky, something that puts me in my happy place. Always a bottle in the house, and not one I grudge paying for at the bar either. It’s not my typical go to style which makes me love it more.

And your second? Is this where it all started?

Ardbeg Supernova – the dram that opened the door. I remember being very VERY new to the industry and someone gave me a sample of Supernova to try. I had never really had, and certainly hadn’t enjoyed any peated whisky up until that moment. It was less of a “I like that” moment and more of a “I survived that” feeling, I clearly remember thinking ok I definitely want to try more peated whiskies now.

Yep, I think peated was where I had my first “hello whisky” moment. So, your third whisky, what makes the grade?

Glen Moray 2003 Chenin Blanc

This was a single cask we bottled by hand at the Visitor Centre back in 2011 and it’s still one of my favourites. It encapsulates everything about my favourite type of whisky, it’s young, full maturation, cask strength and intense characteristics, essentially a very tasty kick in the face.

Emma can be found hanging around the dark corners of Twitter here:



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